Here’s How to Fix TikTok Notifications When They’re Not Working

We can all agree that technology comes in major clutch in our everyday lives. Not only does it work to make our lives easier, but it also helps make the social media apps we love run smoothly — for the most part. All apps have had their share of bugs and delays, and TikTok is back on the chopping block again.

Like all social media apps, part of the fun is the ability to get notifications from people you follow and users who comment on your content. But it turns out that the app has been falling short with providing users notifications. Now, users have found themselves scrambling for answers. Luckily, learning how to fix it when your notifications are not working on the app is a smooth process. Read on to get the lowdown.

So, how do you fix TikTok notifications that are not working?

TikTok users rejoice! Learning how to fix your notifications on the app is super easy to do. And all it takes is one of a few simple fixes for the app to get back to working normally.

Per Alphr, there are six fixes to keep in mind when your notifications are not working. One of the easiest things you can do is see if there are any pending updates for the app. After all, if you miss an update or two, it’s common for the app to start malfunctioning.

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Another way to fix your broken notifications is to check your notifications in the app to make sure that your push notifications are enabled. Simply tap the “Profile” button at the bottom of your screen. Next, tap the three bars at the top then scroll down and select “Push Notifications.” Now you can check and make sure they’re all on, the status of which will be displayed with a green toggle.

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Checking out your phone notifications is also a smart fix. A lot of times, some phones may not allow push notifications as a default setting. So, if you find that your phone notifications for the app are off, turning them on should fix your problems.

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If there is a desired user that you’re not getting notifications about, simply go to that user’s profile and turn off push notifications. After a minute or two, turn it on again. Chances are, there may be a temporary bug on the app.

For folks who have tried playing around with push notification settings and checked for pending updates to no avail, it may be time to reinstall the app. Truth be told, technology is not perfect. There may have been a bug when you originally installed the app. So, taking a moment to delete and reinstall TikTok may work in your favor.

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Lastly, check social media to see if TikTok may be down. Sometimes certain app features may be down as developers work on general app maintenance and bug fixes.

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