Here’s How To Protect Your Skin From Damaging Pollutants While Infusing It With Antioxidants

The largest organ of your body is your skin. It protects you from the outside world and is packed with nerves. Your skin allows you to move, gives you freedom and is a shield against harsh elements. This is why you should do everything you can to protect your skin.

In a 2019 review, it was revealed that “both outdoor and indoor pollution was found to intensify the signs of skin aging such as facial lentigines and wrinkles.” The study went on to say, “Living in a polluted environment may also reduce skin moisture, increase the rate of sebum excretion and likely exacerbates the symptoms of chronic inflammatory skin diseases both in children and adults.” 

According to the World Health Organization, “Nine out of ten people worldwide breathe polluted air.” This news isn’t great for your lungs or your skin, but we found the perfect oil to combat the negative effects of pollution on your skin. This secret formula helps protect, balance and hydrate.

Botanics USA Postbiotic Aqua Oil

Botanics’ Revive & Protect Postbiotic Aqua Oil is suitable for all skin types. It will leave your skin feeling refreshed, balanced and looking healthier and more hydrated.

The Revive & Protect Postbiotic Aqua Oil is formulated with Black Tea Kombucha, Vitamin E, Lemongrass Oil and Jojoba Oil. This veritable “elixir of immortality” will add antioxidants to your morning skin-care regimen to protect against pollutants. And, the uplifting scent of blood orange, cedar wood, lemongrass and ginger essential oil blend to revive your senses.

Simply add this oil to your morning routine by massaging a few drops onto your face and neck after cleansing. 

Customer’s Love The Postbiotic Aqua Oil

These happy Botanics customers have all the deets on the Revive & Protect Postbiotic Aqua Oil.

“I like that this is a very lightweight oil,” said one Ulta reviewer. “It doesn’t leave your face greasy or heavy feeling. It sinks right in your skin and the smell is divine!!… My face feels moisturized and looks healthier after using this product.”

Another glowing review said, “I thoroughly enjoyed their Revive and Protect Postbiotic Moisturizer, but have been amazed [by] the way my skin loves the Botanics Revive and Protect Postbiotic Aqua Oil (with black tea kombucha)… I can honestly say that I see a difference with this one. It’s obvious that my frustrated 40-year-old skin enjoys the botanical natural ingredients that provide balance.”

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