Here’s the Money-Saving Secret For You That Las Vegas Hotels Don’t Want You To Know About

Tipping is a common practice in the US. Sometimes we tip because we know the person doesn’t receive a living wage. Sometimes we tip better because of exceptional service. We tip our waitresses, hairstylists, massage therapists, food delivery services, and more.

But, should we be tipping hotel staff, other than the bellhop and housekeeping staff? Could we be getting a lot more out of our vacation with one simple trick?

Read on to learn about one simple hack for your next trip to Vegas to reap some serious perks.

The $20 Sandwich Trick

A recent TikTok video that explains and then attempts the “$20 sandwich trick” has gained over 200k views.

Basically, you sandwich a $20 bill in between your credit card and your ID when checking into your hotel. When you’re handing over your cards, you politely ask if there are any free upgrades available. Sometimes this can result in a room upgrade at a very discounted rate.

Depending on availability and the season in which you’re visiting Vegas, it may actually work. However, we don’t recommend trying this during the busy season on a weekend! The reviews are mixed, and a lot of commenters on the video called it a bribe.

However, according to, a website dedicated to all things Vegas and the “trick,” it works at a surprisingly high rate. Ceasars Palace has a 92% success rate, Excalibur has an 84% success rate, and Bellagio has a 75% success rate. So, even in Vegas, the success rate varies, but it could be worth the gamble. The website breaks down the success rate of most hotels on the strip and shares success stories on their blog.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Try

Many commenters on the TikTok video went on to say that the front desk will return the tip if they are unable to comp any rooms or services. Others say they weren’t so lucky and were out $20. Our thoughts are, it doesn’t hurt to try.

You can even forgo the $20 tip and just ask for any discounts or upgrades, as they may be able to still accommodate you.

And if if hotel staff are unable to upgrade your room, they may be able to comp other services. In Vegas, the more you play, the more freebies you may receive. Drink vouchers, merch, rooms with a view, and Vegas shows may all be up for grabs. So, next time you’re in Vegas, try it out! It may be worth your while.


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