Here’s What Kel Mitchell Looks Like Today

Kel Mitchell has definitely grown up. As fans may recall, the youth pastor showed off his dance moves while competing in 2019’s “Dancing With the Stars” (per World Vision). Mitchell and partner Witney Carson were unable to secure the win despite their highly applauded rumba to the theme song to “Titanic,” Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” per ET. But they put on a great show. The performance of course reminded Millenials that Mitchell still has the moves.

Dedicated to his health, Mitchell¬†posts his workouts on his Instagram profile to motivate his followers. His workouts are done at home, in hotel rooms, and in his backyard where he uses his kid’s swing set as workout equipment. Talk about dedication.¬†

Aside from working out and his on-air performances, the writer and director inspires younger congregation members through his motivational speaking (via ABC News). And it’s apparent from his Instagram, which is filled with photos of his daughter, son and wife, just how important family and faith are to the star.

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