‘High Probability’ That Police Gunfire Killed a Child

  • Eight-year-old Fanta Bility was killed in a shootout after a high school football game on August 27.
  • The DA said there is a “high probability” that she was hit by responsive police gunfire.
  • The investigation is ongoing.

Delaware County District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer released a statement Thursday acknowledging that there’s a “high probability” that “responsive” police gunfire killed an 8-year-old girl and wounded three others after a high school football game on Friday.

Fanta Bility died at the hospital after being shot in the chest. Her sister was among three other juveniles that were wounded in the shooting, the DA’s office told Insider. No arrests have been made, the DA’s office told Insider. 

The DA’s office declined to comment on the ages or student statuses of the victims to Insider.

The shooting occurred on August 27 around 9 p.m. local time, the night of the Academy Park and Pennsbury High School football game in Sharon Hill Borough, Pennsylvania. There were approximately 100-200 people exiting the game, according to a local news source, WPVI.

The DA’s statement said that the shots started on the 900 block of Coates Street — walking distance from the football game. The DA’s office was unable to confirm if the suspects were on foot or in a car.

Gunfire was sent in the direction of three officers as the game concluded, Stollsteimer’s statement said. 

The gunshots fired by police were “responsive,” according to the statement. 

“The death of Fanta and the wounding of her sister and other students are a heart-breaking tragedy for her family, her friends, and the entire Delaware County community,” said Stollsteimer. 

“Even this morning I was looking at pictures of Fanta and thinking of her,” the child’s uncle, Mohamed Bility told WPVI on Monday. “We miss her, we miss her, we miss her, we miss her.”

The investigation is ongoing. 

The Sharon Hill Borough Police Department did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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