High School Student Gave Up Her Homecoming Queen Crown To Girl Who Lost Her Mother To Cancer

This year, attendees of the Forrest County Agricultural High School’s Homecoming witnessed a special moment. After senior pupil Nyla Covington won the crown, she walked toward Brittany Walters and did something unexpected.

Covington first gave Walters a big hug and then took off the crown and placed it on her head. At first, the student could not accept the honor, and she tried to back away from Covington. However, after she spoke with her, Walters accepted.

Covington shared the extraordinary encounter and said: “I was like, ‘No, come here, get it, you’re your mom’s queen.’ I wanted her to know that.” Walters’ mother had passed away the very same day as their homecoming.

Walters expressed she felt her mother’s presence on the field with her. She also likened her mom to Convington and said they shared similar traits. According to Walters, both of them are very giving and caring towards others.


The day was overwhelming for Walters, but she attended the homecoming despite losing her mother to cancer because she promised her mother she would not miss it. Her mom said it should be a day she remembered forever, and she was right.

Thanks to Covington, the homecoming memories would always be extra special. Walters’ mother was well known at the local high school, and the principal, Will Wheat, remembered her fondly. He said she always had a smile on her face.

Walters added that her mother was helpful to everyone that came across her path. She expressed: “I feel like this is her way of still touching people.” Wheat shared that he hoped Convington’s actions would inspire and encourage other people.

The principal said the school was incredibly proud of Covington, and he described her gesture as a “selfless act.” He also commended her parents and said they had done an excellent job raising her.

In 2019, a homecoming queen also inspired onlookers after she handed her crown to her friend, Emily Petty, who has down syndrome. Trinity Arrington gave the crown to her friend because she knew Petty always wanted to be a princess.

The pair was able to share the spotlight, and Petty even blew the crowd a few kisses as part of their procession. Arrington expressed that everyone was very excited for them. She also said Petty would always be her queen because she deserved it and because “it made her happy.”


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