High Schooler Rips ‘Cheating Ex’s’ Homecoming Proposal in Half

A high schooler was filmed ripping her boyfriend’s homecoming proposal in half amid cheating allegations.

The video, which amassed over 3.7 million views and 793,000 likes since being posted Thursday, shows @yoalibethgomez walking into her high school gym, where a crowd of high school boys are waiting for her. Her “cheating ex” holds a handmade cardboard sign that says: “Will You Go To Homecoming With Me.”

“My cheating ex asked me to hoco and this is what happened,” the text-to-speech effect and text overlay note.

@yoalibethgomez goes on to rip the sign in half without a word, and the boy runs off. A voiceover in the video explains, “My cheating ex asked me to hoco and this is what happened.”

Some of the 4,772 comments appear to be from her friends and classmates, who chimed in on the situation. “Stay tuned for part 2,” said one, @yesenia._.rangel.

Other commenters remarked on how ridiculous it was for the boy to publicly ask her to homecoming after allegedly cheating. “I actually felt like this was hella disrespectful to you and everyone around him giving him the attention he wants is disrespectful too. They all wrong,” commented @adri.

Daily Dot reached out to @yoalibethgomez for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 17, 2021, 11:57 am CDT

Clara Wang

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Clara Wang


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