Hilarious billboard blunder sees Justin Bieber apparently flaunt Kim Kardashian Skims

A hilarious billboard blunder shows Justin Bieber ‘wearing’ Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS underwear.

The mishap on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood captured the eyes of the internet after a user took to Twitter to repost the image. While it’s clear that workers were in the process of changing over the advertisements, the merge of displays looked as though Bieber was donning Kardashian’s SKIMS underwear.

The top half of the image gave a glimpse of the 27-year-old Canadian singer’s new Balenciaga campaign from the waist up. The bottom section showed the legs of a SKIMS model in underwear and socks.

The Kissing Booth actor, Jacob Elordi, initially shared the malfunction to his 10.9 million followers on Instagram. Still, the image soon circulated on Twitter after one user said, ‘I’m so sorry for laughing, but this is way too funny’. At the same time, another passerby tweeted, ‘Justin Bieber for Skims Balenciaga is the happy accident you could only wish for on a Monday drive home.’

The billboard was eventually fixed, and Bieber was back to his black Balenciaga joggers.

The ‘Peaches’ singer was spotted in Paris with his wife, Hailey Bieber earlier this year when the pair made a bizarre visit to President Emanuelle Macron and Brigitte Macron.

It turned out there was more to the excursion that met the eye, as shortly after, Bieber was named the newest Balenciaga campaign star.

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