Hilarious Camera Footage on How Amazon Driver Accidentally throws Parcel onto the Roof

An Amazon driver sent a message to a customer to say he had ‘accidentally’ thrown their delivery onto the roof of the house – and hilarious camera footage captured how it happened. The clip has gone viral on TikTok

An Amazon customer was left in stitches after receiving a message from a delivery driver admitting they had accidentally thrown a parcel onto the roof of their home.

Hilarious footage captured by a doorbell camera shows the moment the driver pulls up at the address and walks to the door carrying a stack of small deliveries in one hand and an electronic scanning device in the other.

As he gets close to the door, a flying bug buzzes around his head and he tries to swat it away with one hand and then the other – before realising his error.

As he flapped at the bug with his right hand, one of the parcels in his right hand is propelled into the air and lands on the roof of the house, leaving the mortified driver with no way of retrieving it.

After pacing around the front lawn and failing to come up with a plan, he resorts to messaging the customer to say: “Hi, this is your Amazon delivery driver. This sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof. Do you have a ladder I can use?”

Thankfully there was no need for the driver to panic as the customer found it hilarious, with @Caseymcperry sharing the clip on TikTok and writing: “Poor guy, don’t worry about it. Seriously, it’s ok. This made our day.”

A second clip then shows the customer arrive home and grab a torch to track down the package, saying: “By the time we got home we had to see it to believe it.”

The following day the customer films himself as he climbs a stepladder and looks up onto the roof, to find the package thrown far enough to be out of arm’s reach, before using a stick to retrieve it.

He adds: “I hope to find the Amazon driver and share how much laughter this brought us.”

The incredibly unfortunate incident has racked up hundreds of thousands of views on the video sharing platform, as one person commented to say: “It’s the bee’s fault.”

A second wrote: “Oh man. Honest mistake & he was actually trying to fix it by asking for the ladder. You were awesome as well. Respect.”

And another Amazon worker added: “Thanks for being cool about it! We get so many people that would have thrown an absolute fit over this lol.”


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