Hilarious moment billboard shows Justin Bieber with incredibly smooth legs

Often we see the most popular celebs in some compromising positions and this billboard advertisement is not an exemption to that.

TikTok user @libra1318 shared a hilarious clip to the social media video sharing platform that has now racked up a staggering 1.6 million views and 211,000 likes.

The funny blunder sees Justin Bieber sporting some very different attire on his bottom half which has left people in stitches.

In the hilarious now-viral video, a group of workers are seen getting to the halfway point of putting up a new billboard of a Balenciaga campaign featuring the famous pop star.

The finished product after the mishap

The original poster of the video captioned the viral clip: “Happy accident between changing billboards…”

A very happy accident indeed, as where the workers had stopped this left pop star Justin Bieber looking like he was half dressed for winter and half dressed for bed.

In the top half of the designer brand billboard, Justin Bieber is seen wearing a white top and a black jacket.

What a great pair of legs he has…

However, in the bottom half it appears that Justin has incredibly smooth legs and is only sporting a pair of grey socks.

The hilarious gaffe happened due to the fact that some advertisements on billboards aren’t taken down but are just replaced by the new campaign rolled over the top.

People rushed to the TikTok comments to share their reaction to the funny moment.

Justin Bieber getting out of a car
At least he was fully clothed here
(Image: GC Images)

One person commented: “When it’s cold in the morning but hot in the afternoon.”

Another TikTok user joked: “When you’re on zoom and only have to show your face.”

However the billboard blunder confused some people with one TikTok user who said: “Wait so why did they paint his legs, if they were gonna paint black over them?”

Providing the fan with an explanation, one user came to the rescue to offer an explanation for the bottomless Bieber.

A person claimed: “It’s a poster they weren’t painting anything there was another person on the thingy before him lol.”

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