Hilarious photos captured giving the perfect glimpse at parenthood

Being a parent can be hard work and an exhausting journey often with no end in sight but it does have its pros and cons. Children can cause stressful situations where their parents aren’t really sure how to deal with it. 

When kids allow their imagination to take over this is what ends up getting the better of their parents, especially when their actions go overboard.

Scroll down to take a look at the following funny images which give an insight into parenting.

1. Princess Tea Parties With Dad.

Every father would do absolutely anything for their daughters. Even if it means they have to swallow their pride and eat in an uncomfortable position.

2. Personal Hair Stylist.

Little girls love to play dress up particularly when it comes to matching hair styles. Don’t they just look so cute together.

3. Sleep Over!

Most parents know how difficult getting proper sleep with a young child can be. A lot of children sneak in to sleep with their parents but often end up on top of them. Looks like they are both our for the count!

4. Artist in the making?

A lot of parents can relate to this one. No doubt it takes longer to clean up the mess of the budding artist.

5. When your daughter wants to be a beauty therapist

This daughter is taking full advantage painting her dad’s toes while he is distracted playing a computer game.

6. When you have to improvise

This father obliged his daughters request and became a swing just to see her happy.

7. Sacrifices

This is one way to inspire your child to become a budding artist.

8. Trying to take a family photo.

The dreaded nightmare of trying to get everyone to stay still and get a nice family photo.

9. How Tall Am I Now.

Kids will literally walk all over you.

10. Dad’s new hair do.

Little girls just love styling their dads hair, hopefully she will become a renowned hairdresser one day.

11. Oh Dear…

This should be a lesson to all parents not to leave Sudo creme lying around the house with a young child.

12. Safety tips.

It would make you wonder what this young child was up to before he got caught up in this.

13. This seat is too small dad.

Flying with kids can be a total nightmare sometimes it’s easier just to let them have their way for a moment, even if it means using your head as a ceat.

14. Superdad award goes to…

What is the obsession with little girls plastering their dads in make up.

15. Barf

Oh dear someones going to need a change of clothes and it’s not the baby.

16. Potty training

Looks like this little lady tried to advance to the toilet too soon.

17. It’s gonna be a white christmas

Don’t ever leave your kid with baby powder otherwise this is exactly whats bound to happen.

18. Play mat or play dad?

Now this was a clever idea.

19. When you run out of toilet paper.

Another potty training blunder, remember to tell them it’s only for toilet paper.

20. Halloween costume.

When you have a jealous older sibling.

21. Squash

You have to wonder what kids get up to sometimes.

22. Who loves sauce?

Feeding time always ends up being messy when kids start eating solids.

23. Twister

Why do kids have to do this?

24. Is that snow?

Don’t think their parents are going to be too happy with the destruction these guys have caused.

25. Fish Bowl

Kids just don’t heed warning signs from their parents.

26. Dunking dad

Let’s hope he didn’t decide to urinate while dad’s head was under water.

27. Wake-up call

Forget about a sleep in with young kids, they become your alarm clock every morning. Even on the weekends.

28. Parenting is …

All things gross.

29. Splish splash

When you are taking a bath, anything is likely to wrong.

30. It’s time to party.

Kids just don’t care about the consequences of where they play with messy toys, or who has to clean it up.

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