Hilarious TikTok account featuring fake voiceovers of celebrities at the Met Gala is the funniest thing you’ll see today

On Monday, the Met Gala returned giving the internet a whole host of content to judge and mock.

From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s statement dress to Nicki Minaj’s bizarre anti-vaxx story explaining why she would not be attending, there has been no shortage of talking points.

Content from the evening has made its way onto TikTok with a hilarious account giving Met Gala celebrities voiceovers as they walk the red carpet.

TikTok user @kysthalimit has racked up millions of views by putting the voiceovers to celebrities like Timothee Chalamet, Kim Kardashian and Saweetie as they interact with the photographers and staff assisting on the carpet.

In one viral clip, they put a voiceover on actress Emily Blunt as she is directed to stand and pose for the cameras.

As the woman on the carpet showed her where to stand, Blunt’s voiceover replied: “I hate you.”

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The clip is made even funnier by matching the lip movements with possible words and adding overly exaggerated enthusiasm.

In one instance in the voiceover, Blunt said, “Pew, pew, pew, pew,” while pointing at the photographers.

The Emily Blunt clip has been viewed 10.4 million times, but it’s not the only clip to have gone viral.

In another video, rapper Saweetie can be seen trying to pose when another woman stands next to her.

The voiceover in the clip has Saweetie saying, “Oo, no no no no” before she steps to the right and away from her.

The same woman, dressed in an old-fashioned style dress, then stands in front of her again and music from The Sound of Music film plays over the top.

Voiceover Saweetie then tells the woman: “Er, you in my spotlight baby.”

The Saweetie video has one point one million views, while a Tracee Ellis Ross clip has been viewed over 906,000 times.


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