Hilarious viral TikTok reveals genius hack to keep cats off kitchen counters

Cats make amazing pets, if you like pint-sized fluffy tyrants with a God complex.

Our feline friends are comfortable perched on higher surfaces, as it harks back to their days in the wild where they could keep an eye out for baddies from a good vantage point while relaxing.

Naturally, this means kitchen counters are a favourite hang-out spot for our four-legged friends, but obviously it’s not the most hygienic habit to encourage.

To prevent her kitty from jumping on the benches, TikTok user georgie_renee tried out a hack she found on the app.

Covering benches in aluminum foil is meant to deter moggies from hanging out on kitchen surfaces as they dislike the noise and feeling of the foil under their paws.

“I got sick of my cats jumping on the kitchen bench, so I thought I’d try this after seeing it on TikTok,” she wrote over the video.

In the video she pans around her kitchen showing foil covering the benches.

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She managed to capture the moment her cat tried to jump on the foil and it is probably the best thing you’ll see all week:

The video has amassed over 68 million views and almost 14 million likes.

The top commenter saw the opportunity to make an incredible pun and wrote: “You foiled their plan.”

Another comment with almost 600,000 likes reads: “The way I giggled in time with the camera shaking.”

Another wrote: “Hahaha looks to be spring loaded foil maybe try cucumbers.”

On the list of things all cats universally hate, alongside foil and baths, cucumbers are very high on the list.

It seemed for this TikToker’s kitty, a bit of foil was enough to shock them — cucumbers would have simply been too much!

Another cat who used up one of their nine lives this week was this lucky kitty who was rescued after losing its balance on the railings at a football stadium in Florida.


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