Hollywood Star Scott Baio’s Daughter Once Falsely Diagnosed With Rare Childhood Disorder.

Hollywood actor Scott Baio is the dad to a lovely little girl, Bailey Baio, who was falsely diagnosed with a rare childhood disorder. Bailey was supposed to have been born a twin, but the other child died of the ailment. 

Scott Baio is a successful Hollywood actor who is quite active in childhood health. Scott’s interest in children’s health boils down to how one of his children died before it was born.

Presently he is dad to a sweet little girl, Bailey Baio, and he shared parenthood with Renee Sloan, his wife of 14 years. Before Bailey was born, her twin was diagnosed with glutaric acidemia type 1, leading to the unborn child’s death.


These days, Bailey is growing up fast and being her dad’s absolute twinnie. Scott often shares father-daughter pictures on his Instagram page to show their adorable bond.

Last year in December, Scott was on social media soliciting fans’ prayers on behalf of his wife.

The “Charles In Charge’ actor and Bailey have an uncanny resemblance down to their smile and the twinkle in their eyes. In one of his Instagram posts, the pair posed on the red carpet, flashing similar smiles at the camera.

Another post from the “Happy Days” actor presented a heart-melting image of him and Bailey reading while in their pajamas. Scott declared in that post that fatherhood was his “best role yet.”

The doting father and his pretty daughter also spend quality time together. The actor pulled at heartstrings in a December 2020 post where he and Bailey stood in the kitchen while exercising their culinary skills.


Bailey was born in 2007, the same year her parents got married, but her birth was a bitter-sweet experience. The youngster’s twin died of glutaric acidemia type 1, also known as GA-1.

This happened at 11 weeks of pregnancy, and when Bailey was born, doctors diagnosed her with the same disorder. The little one had to stay back at the hospital for three months.

She was certified to go home afterward, but her diagnosis was not cleared. Glutaric acidemia is a rare condition that affects children either in infancy or early stages of their toddler years.

The disorder often affects the body so that it cannot break down some proteins. This is due to the deficiency in the level of some enzymes that can break down amino acids.

Sloan’s pregnancy was said to be high-risk, and due to this, Bailey was born prematurely. The little one, named after Scott’s mom, survived the delicate times, despite the stress.


The parents would later discover that Bailey was falsely diagnosed and that she never had glutaric acidemia. However, it only geared them to give back to society.

The “Bugsby Malone” actor once shared that he felt Bailey’s wrong diagnosis was for a reason. According to the family, the reason was to help other families who had kids with rare conditions.

In essence, Sloan and her husband joined forces and created the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. Among the foundation’s roles, it raised funds for families with children suffering from a metabolic disorder.

Scott has shared in another interview that Sloan is in charge of the foundation. He noted that she helped parents with supplies, equipment, and other things they needed. Scott added that people needed help, and he and Sloan tried tuner best.

When asked what would have happened to Bailey if she tested positive for the condition, Scott noted that she would have had “a short life, physical problems, being unable to weak, and mental retardation,” among other symptoms.

When asked how the foundation was run and how the funds were channeled, Scott explained at the time that Sloan was trying to get “all 50 states” to do accurate blood tests on children as they were born.

The now-61-year-old actor added that many states did not provide tests on the disorder, which became a government thing. He relayed that the government was, however, “hard to take on.”


In 2018, Sloan and Scott came under scrutiny after his fellow “Happy Days” star Nicole Eggert accused him of dubious dealings. Eggert started her series of attacks by accusing Scott of sexual assault before questioning the foundation’s credibility.

Eggert also claimed that the disease was non-existent. She would later delete the tweets and go private on Twitter. However, Sloan had screenshots of the deleted tweets of the shots against her family, including their young daughter.

Eggert added in the tweet that she did not believe the couple’s daughter was affected by it. She additionally tweeted that the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation had been “reported.”

However, Sloan took it upon herself to refute the actress’ claims, noting that one of their children had died of the disorder and the other narrowly survived. She added that their foundation had never been found wanting or fined.


Last year in December, Scott was on social media soliciting fans’ prayers on behalf of his wife. The “Joanie Loves Chachi” actor shared that Sloan was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor.

He shared at the time that they were still trying to see which part of Sloan’s brain the tumor was detected. The TV star added that 90 percent of the time, those types of tours were benign.

Scott continued his soulful address noting that Sloan had been through rough times in her life, and she had pulled through each time. He described her as a strong person who was his rock.

He added that he and his wife would get through the heat issue while educating others about getting tested. The “Foxes” star shared that over 6500 people get diagnosed with tumors, and the statistics show mostly women as patients.


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