Hololive Council revealed: Five new English VTubers debuting soon

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of their first generation of English VTubers, Hololive revealed the second generation, known as the Hololive Council, which consists of five new members.

Hololive continues to explode in the VTuber world. Not only has it taken over YouTube, but the idols have broken out into the musical and gaming worlds too.

Now, their reach has expanded even further with the debut of the second generation of English idols.

Known as the Hololive Council, it consists of five new members, each of which aligns with one of the values: Space, Time, Civilization, Nature, and Chaos.

Who are the Hololive Council members?

Tsukumo Sana – Space

The first member of the council is Tsukumo Sana, the Speaker of Space – not only in terms of our universe but all the other ones in different dimensions, too. It’s no surprise then, that she comes across as distant and aloof.

Ceres Fauna – Nature

The second member, Ceres Fauna, is the Keeper of Nature. She materialized in the mortal realm for one reason; to save nature, which includes all organic matter on the planet. She is warm and affectionate, but has a hidden dark side, too.


Ouro Kronii – Time

The third member, Ouro Kronii, is the Warden of Time. Like Tsukumo Sana, she has a distant and aloof personality. However, she’s also developed cruel tendencies throughout the years, and is known for being sadistic and prideful.


Nanashi Mumei – Civilization

The fourth member, Nanashi Mumei, is the Guardian of Civilization. She is different from other members in the sense that she has a closer relationship with humans, and is gentle, wise, and an exceptionally hard worker.


Hakos Baelz – Chaos

Last but not least, the fifth member of the council is none other than Hakos Baelz, the embodiment of chaos. Despite being in charge of the council, her innocent appearance has fooled many into not realizing she’s the harbinger of chaos.


Hololive Council VTuber debut date

As confirmed by Hololive, the five members of the council will debut on Tuesday, August 17. You can expect to see plenty more of them from that date onwards.

Their social media accounts are already racking up followers, too. So, it’s only a matter of time before they become the next big thing.

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