Homeless Twin Sisters Lives Changed When Their Grandmother’s Lawyer Contact Them

Ada and Olivia’s mother kicked them out during their teenage years, and they had been living on the streets since. But their lives changed forever when their long-lost grandmother’s lawyer contacted them.

“Get out of my house right now!” Ada remembered in her dreams. She never forgot the last words their mother, Darla, said to them. They were 15 years old, and she decided to kick them out because of her new boyfriend.

Her twin sister, Olivia, complained that the man was harassing her, but Darla refused to believe them and threw them out. Since then, they both became homeless. Women’s shelters around San Francisco were scarce.

So the twins had to learn to live on their own. They didn’t have a father because he split as soon as they were born. They didn’t have a family because Darla started dating awful men at a young age and was estranged from her family.

Ada often wondered if anyone was ever looking for them. But she didn’t have time to dwell on it too long. They had to grow up and learn how to survive. They collected cans around town, sang on the streets for pennies, and washed dishes in restaurants for warm meals.

Some restaurant owners already knew them and were ready to offer them some work in exchange for food. They were always trying to save money for a few nights at cheap motels, but it was not easy.

Sometimes, they found valuable objects on dumpsters and exchanged them for cash. But occasionally, thrift shop owners who thought they had stolen these items would call the police, and the twins would be taken to the station.

Olivia and Ada were already familiar with all the officers downtown, and it was always the same deal. “Officer Kant, we didn’t steal that statue. It was sitting in the garbage. It looked pretty, and it was only a bit chipped,” Ada explained.

“I know, Ada. But we have to show up when people call us about possible robberies,” Officer Kant shrugged.

“Yeah, but the only one who does that is Mr. Harris because he hates homeless people,” Olivia added.

“Why don’t you sell to someone else?” Officer Kant asked.

“He was the only one open at the time, and we were hungry,” Ada shared.

“Well, ok. I’m letting you guys go. Please, stop getting in trouble,” Officer Kant begged them. The girls laughed.

“We don’t get into trouble. It just finds us,” Olivia quipped. They were comfortable enough around Officer Kant. She was rough on the outside but extremely kind. She always offered to help find women’s shelters and, sometimes, food.

The twins were not used to receiving help after how they grew up. They were better on their own. But a few weeks later, Officer Kant came to find them.

“We haven’t done anything today. Who reported us?” Olivia whined.

“No one reported you girls. Someone important is looking for you guys, and I said I would get you. Come on, get in the cruiser,” Officer Kant ordered. Ada and Olivia looked at her warily but got in.

They went to the station to meet a lawyer, Emily Jones. “Hello! It’s so nice to meet you girls finally. I’ve been trying to find you for months!” she exclaimed with a huge smile.

Both twins frowned. “Who are you? Why are you looking for us?” Ada asked distrustfully. Officer Kant told them to sit down and talk to the lawyer.

“Ok, girls. Do you know who Mrs. Katalina Romero is?” Emily wondered.

“No,” both girls answered at the same time.

“Well, she was your grandmother. Unfortunately, she died several months ago, and that’s why I’ve been looking for you guys. I contacted your mother first, but apparently, you guys ran away?” Emily said, confused.

“She said that? We didn’t run away. She kicked us out,” Olivia chimed in. “But what about our grandmother? I mean… our mother never said much about her. I thought she died years ago.”

“No, your grandmother was still alive, and she worried about you guys. But clearly, she didn’t know your mother had kicked you out. From what I understand, your mother hung out with the wrong crowd, and Katalina cut her off,” Emily revealed.

“Oh. That makes sense, and our mother probably didn’t allow her to be in our lives. Typical Darla. Anyway, what’s this about?” Ada wondered.

“Your grandmother couldn’t be in your lives, but she left you everything in her estate, which is a massive amount of money. She also gave you her house, which is almost a mansion,” the lawyer explained.

“That’s impossible,” Olivia breathed.

“No. Your mother’s entire family comes from big money. I mean…generational money. I couldn’t believe it when Officer Kant explained that you two were homeless, but it’s completely true. I promised her I would find you guys,” Emily finished.

The twins’ eyes watered, and the lawyer showed them pictures of their grandmother’s house. She had the keys ready for them already. “Can you take us there now?” Ada asked through tears.

“I’ll take you girls,” Officer Kant volunteered with a smile.

When they arrived at the mansion, they marveled at its grandeur. “Thank you so much, Officer Kant. Mrs. Jones, you too. This is amazing!” Olivia said gratefully.

After arranging everything, the girls got their G.E.D.s and went to college. They also changed their last name to Romero and used their new wealth to help homeless people around town. But when their mother came asking for money, they closed the door in her face.


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