Hooters worker exposes secret code of uniform and strict rule on length of shorts

A Hooters worker has lifted lids on the secrets to work at the famous American hot wings restaurant – including the colour code of their uniforms.

The diner opened its first restaurant in 1983 in Clearwater, Florida, and hired attractive women to entice customers through its doors.

Cami Buell, who works at one of the branch in Texas, regularly gives an inside look of how it is like working in the fast food chain that is famed for eye-popping, busty waitresses.

She posted a Q&A video in July answering her fans’ questions about her job.

The blonde beau responds to one question that asks: “Why do you wear black and orange but not white and orange?”

Hooters worker Cami Buell explained the colour difference in the restaurant

She explains the colour code of white and orange indicates the staff are waitress; a black and orange uniform means she is a bartender.

Another wonders the minimum age to work for Hooters in the US and Cami says: “16 years old for a hostess and 18 years old for a waitress.

“A hostess doesn’t wear a Hooters Girl uniform.”

Cami also says the staff follow two shift schedules – from 11am to 4.30pm or 4.30pm to 12am.

Cami also said the staff have to keep their hair and makeup perfect all the time
Cami also said the staff have to keep their hair and makeup perfect all the time

In an older clip, she said the workers are allowed to wear one ring per hand and one earring per ear but they have to make sure their shorts cover their bottom.

Hair and makeup must be glamorous but the hair has to be in “natural colours” and the nails have to be “nicely manicured”.

Viewers commented on that long checklist that Cami has to follow before going to work.

One said: “So basically you have to be picture perfect all the time.”

“That whole pay check gone in nail, hair and makeup,” a second added.

Some argued that the standards didn’t pass the check for most restaurants.

“The UK standers could never, you have to have your hair up as waitress otherwise hair goes into food,” one mentioned.

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