Horror deep-sea creatures preserved by taxidermist including 1-metre bloodsucking leech

Amazing pictures of a taxidermist’s out-of-this-world collection show the terrifying creatures in eerie lifelike condition.

Dutch preserver Jeroen has gone viral and gained 65,000 followers for his troubles, often posting snaps of “cannibal fish” with massive teeth and even some unidentified alien-lake horrors.

“I am not trying to make the fish I preserve as life-like as possible, I want the fish to look really monstrous,” he said.

“I also do not use glass eyes. I preserve the original eyes and I try to keep as much of the original fish intact as possible.”

“I have always preferred fish with big nasty teeth, the scarier the better.

“Especially deep-sea fish like the Anglerfish and Fangtooth are among my favourites, but I also love river monsters like the goliath tigerfish and the Vampire fish.”

The expert taxidermist chose not to reveal his surname.

He explained the scariest creature he has worked on was a Lamprey, a more than metre-long bloodsucking leech he described as “thick as a man’s arm”.

For Jeroen, the bigger the teeth, the better
For Jeroen, the bigger the teeth, the better
(Image: @monster_fish_taxidermy/Newsfllash)

Jeroen added: “They are prehistoric creatures dating back way before the dinosaurs. Their mouth is full of razor sharp spikey teeth and they attach themselves to fish.

“It then uses its tongue (which also has many teeth on it!) to bore into the flesh of the fish and drink their blood.

“Sometimes they also attack humans…”

The preserver doesn’t catch his own fish but operates a network of expert fishermen in Greenland.

The head of a Stargazer fish photographed by Jeroen
The head of a Stargazer fish photographed by Jeroen

He first became fascinated with undersea creatures after his dad, a marine biologist, helped him preserve a dead fish with alcohol.

Jeroen said: “When I found a dead fish he helped me preserve it as a wet specimen in alcohol.

“I tried to taxidermy my first fish, a small pike, when I was 8 years old, but this was not really successful.”

“Now I can taxidermy my own fish and build my collection.”


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