Horror Fans Are Gushing Over This Halloween Ready Animated Show


Looking for something fun and scary this Halloween season? Horror fans on Reddit are celebrating a lesser-known animated series called Over the Garden Wall.

The show is about Wirt and Greg, two brothers who get lost in a weird forest called the Unknown. The forest exists adjacent to time, which adds to the mystery.

With help from a frog and a bluebird, the two brothers must find their way home. It features a bevy of well-known actors in voice roles, including Elijah Wood, Christopher Lloyd, Tim Curry, and John Cleese, among others.

Many fans commented on how the show was really weird but also really watchable.

The show premiered in 2014 as a miniseries with ten episodes, each around 11 minutes apiece.

One commenter shed some light on why it was such a unique project.

Over the Garden Wall is classic Cartoon Network fare, similar to Adventure Time, another show that hid fairly dark themes underneath an approachable animation style. The show was fairly well-received when it premiered, scoring an Emmy in 2015 for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation and another one for Outstanding Animated Program.

There’s also a chance that we’ll see more from this series in the future.

There’s a message on the show’s official Cartoon Network page that says “Our creative teams are hard at work preparing some great new stuff for this show… but you’re a bit early and (we) can’t share yet, So please do check back again soon.”

Who knows, maybe Wirt and Greg will be back in time for Halloween.


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