Housemates come up with plan to get deposit back after ruining their carpet – but it’s an epic fail

STUDENT flatmates attempted to “fix” their damaged carpet to keep their deposit – but were horrified when their landlord discovered the scheme and charged them a fortune. 

After damaging the carpet, the students had the bright idea of cutting out the affected area and replacing it with fresh carpet and superglue.


The students desperately tried to fix the carpet using superglueCredit: @nikaafs/Tiktok
But it just wasn't enough to fool their landlord


But it just wasn’t enough to fool their landlordCredit: @nikaafs/Tiktok

They had high hopes for the plan, captioning the video: “Not losing that deposit.”

From a distance, the carpet looked perfect – but it wasn’t enough to fool their landlord. 

In a follow-up video, the Tiktok user showed just how badly the plan went wrong. 

In the video, she wrote: “Remember when we fixed the carpet to save our deposit? They found out.”

She shows the landlord’s response, which reads: “Please explain the cut out patch to the carpet in the area in front of the oven.”

She also shows the hefty invoice the landlord served to her and her flatmates.

They were charged a whopping total of  £3315.78.

Because the housemates have had to fork out for a full carpet replacement, they’ll only get  £284.22 back from their  £3600 deposit. 

Viewers were stunned by the clip, which has racked up 2.1 million views. 

Many commenters thought the charge was unfair, urging the woman to fight the landlord’s request. 

One wrote: “Please tell me you didn’t accept that?! They can’t make you pay for a brand new carpet if it wasn’t new when you moved in.”

Others noted that carpet in front of an oven isn’t a very clever idea in the first place. 

“Their fault for putting carpet in front of a cooker…the health and safety hazards”, said one, while another agreed: “WHY is there carpet in front of the oven?! It’s like they want this to happen.”

Some, however, thought the students got what they deserved for trying to fool their landlord. 

“It’s amazing how so many people saying the landlord is wrong. They cut a patch in a rug and tried covering it up they know what they did was wrong”, said one.

Another added: “ I’m confused as to why so many people seem to think it’s ok to damage a carpet and not pay for a new one.”

The shoddy carpet repair cost them over £3k


The shoddy carpet repair cost them over £3kCredit: @nikaafs/Tiktok
The housemates had to face the music when the landlord discovered their plan


The housemates had to face the music when the landlord discovered their planCredit: @nikaafs/Tiktok

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