How Are Meryl Streep And Anna Wintour Related?

Some people have too much time on their hands it seems — though “The Devil Wears Prada” fans will certainly love this ancestry information. According to research by MyHeritage, the Hollywood A-Lister and the Vogue editor-in-chief are in fact cousins … albeit eighth, per OK! Magazine. Meryl Streep and Anna Wintour are related through mutual ancestors on their maternal side. William Wilberfoss Smith Jr., who was born in 1669, was both Streep and Wintour’s 7th great grandfather and was married to Agnes Mary Crosdale, per Pop Crush. Crosdale was born in Yorkshire, England, but later immigrated to America where she met her husband … and the rest, as they say, is history. Wild news, right? While Streep and Wintour did not chat about their genetically blessed glowy skin and powerhouse personalities during their first meeting — it’s likely they are unaware of said bond — but they did address the elephant in the room.

During their frank and far-reaching conversation in 2017, which Vogue US uploaded to YouTube, Wintour ironically asked Streep who the most challenging woman she ever played was. Streep responded, “Oh, I should say…” before the Vogue icon jokingly cut her off and said, “No, no! We’re not going there!” And they say Wintour is hard work and “hostile.” While there are quite a few celebs who have spoken out against the fashion icon — Streep previously clarified that the coat-throwing Miranda Priestly was actually inspired by men, per British Vogue.


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