How Can Audiences Watch the New Musical Film ‘Cinderella’?

Singer and songwriter Camila Cabello will make her debut on the big screen as a princess in Cinderella, a new musical comedy adaption of the fairytale written and directed by Kay Cannon. Kay is best known for writing and producing the Pitch Perfect film series and FOX’s comedy show New Girl. Camila’s version of Cinderella is less interested in marrying the perfect prince and more concerned about getting her dress-making business up and running.

Prince Charming, played by Nicolas Galzitine, doesn’t want to settle down either. To the dismay of his parents (Pierce Brosnan and Minnie Driver), he is far from wanting a wife and becoming king. With the new soundtrack of songs and covers, the Cinderella musical movie makes the film a cross between the pop stylings of Pitch Perfect and Disney’s animated classic flick. The new Cinderella premiers on Friday, Sept. 3. Here’s how you can watch the movie.

This is how to watch the new ‘Cinderella’ movie.

Audiences can watch the new Cinderella musical fairytale starring Camila Cabello by seeing it in the theaters or by streaming it on Amazon Prime starting on Sept. 3. The film is free to all Amazon Prime subscribers, and per Decider, Amazon Prime Video usually releases all their shows at midnight GMT (which is 8:00 p.m. EST).

The new version of Cinderella intends to completely update the classic story for modern audiences. Viewers will see new, bold takes on characters and clichés we know all too well. For instance, in the film, Cinderella does not have a fairy godmother, but a Fabulous Godmother (or Fab G) played by Billy Porter who will aid her in making her dreams come true.

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Source: Amazon Studios

“While so many elements of the classic Cinderella tale are timeless, I really wanted to reach a new generation through contemporary touches on many of the aspects that felt outdated,” director Kay Cannon said in a statement ahead of the film’s premiere. “The opportunity to turn some of those classic tropes on their heads was exciting to me, and I couldn’t wait to retell this in a way that’s more relatable to what girls, including my almost-8-year-old daughter, and young women are going through today.”

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Kay went on to say, “Our Cinderella is not just some pretty face waiting to be saved by a prince. She’s vocal, active, fearless and witty; she has dreams and craves independence. Her main priority is her career in a time when women couldn’t have one. Our Cinderella is someone who parents can watch their kids look up to in a new way, and my hope is that families will laugh, dance, and sing while watching this movie together. If ya know the words, let me hear ya!”

We can’t wait to watch the new Cinderella and sing along.

Cinderella can be seen in movie theaters and on Amazon Prime on Sept. 3.

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