How Coles love it or money back guarantee works

One Coles shopper sent the internet ablaze after questioning if a cash back loophole existed – now the supermarket has set the record straight.

It’s a detail that many supermarket items carry – but chances are you haven’t given it too much thought, unless you’ve had an issue with a product.

Most products these days come with a customer satisfaction guarantee, meaning if a buyer isn’t happy with what they’ve purchased they can get their money back.

But one Coles shopper has gone viral after questioning whether a loophole existed allowing him to get refunds on everything he liked, but didn’t love – prompting the supermarket to clear things up.

TikTok user Steezy posed the question in a now-viral video, pointing to a bottle of Coles-branded tomato sauce that features the slogan “Try it. Love It. Or your money back”.

“What if I didn’t love it, I only just liked it or didn’t mind it?” he asked. “Can I still get my money back?”

The video has been viewed almost 260,000 times and has also attracted more than 400 comments, some of which claimed to be supermarket workers.

“Coles worker here, so any Coles ‘home brand’ product can be returned if you don’t like it,” one commenter claimed.

“Yes, people return empty items all the time.”

“Is this a genuine question? Cause I actually would like to know, too many companies guarantee perfection and sell mediocre products,” another person wrote.

“I’ve done this with a 24 pack of water, you taken them your receipt and make sure the product isn’t completely used. They replace it or give money,” one commented.

But if the logic of these commenters sounds too good to be true, you’d be right – it’s not possible to get freebies on every product you’re not head-over-heels in love with – you have to truly be unhappy with it.

When contacted Coles over the question, they pointed us to the customer care section of its website.

It states that Coles encourages “customers to return the product, empty packaging or receipt of any Coles product they weren’t happy with, for a refund or replacement”.

A Coles spokeswoman also told “With Coles Own Brand our mission is to inspire Australia’s love of food by being truly customer obsessed in delivering brands and products that we are proud of and our customers recommend above all others.

“Coles Own Brand is overwhelmingly Australian-made. We have many long-term relationships with Australian producers and manufacturers to supply Coles Own Brand products and we’re proud to work with them to grow their business.

“Our Coles Own Brand allows us to deliver trusted value to customers across all demographics by facilitating the creation of offers in every category and across every price point.”

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