How Did Danny DeVito Wind Up Unverified? It May Be Related to Nabisco

Regardless of the reasons for Danny’s sudden unverification, the story called attention to the striking Nabisco workers, who thus far have not been widely covered on a national level. Hundreds of workers recently stopped working for the snack food manufacturer after their parent company Mondel─ôz proposed changes that would have impacted their pay and healthcare policies.

The strike is happening at Nabisco facilities across the country, from Portland, Oregon to Richmond, Virginia. “This fight is about maintaining what we already have,” Mike Burlingham, the vice president of BCTGM Local 364 in Portland said during an interview with TODAY Food. “During the pandemic, we all were putting in a lot of hours, demand was higher, people were at home, and the snack food industry did phenomenally well.”

“Mondelez made record profits and they want to thank us by closing two of the U.S. bakeries (last month) and telling the rest of us we have to take concessions, what kind of thanks is that?” Mike continued. “We make them a lot of money. It’s very disheartening. How is that supposed to make us feel?”

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