How did Jordan Beckham’s dad die?

SOCIAL media personality Jordan Beckham earned her reputation through her content on Instagram.

Beckham has amassed over half a million followers on the photo and video sharing social network.



Social media personality Jordan BeckhamCredit: Instagram

Who is Jordan Beckham?

Born April 19, 2004, Beckham is a native of Jacksonville, Florida.

The 17-year-old gain popularity via her Instagram account, where she posts various content, including lip sync videos of popular rap, R&B and pop songs.

The Florida native invasion into social media initially started on the social network app, a Chinese app for live broadcasting and video creation.

Users could create 15–60 second lip-syncing videos and choose the soundtracks to accompany the video.

After garnering a massive following on Instagram, Beckham transitioned her content over to personal photos, often showcasing some of her most recent attire.

How did Jordan Beckham’s dad die?

On August 16, Beckham shared an emotional tribute on her IG story of her father.

In the black-and-white photo, the Instagram influencer held her father’s hand with the caption reading: “Enjoy heaven daddy. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.”

It is unclear what happened to Beckham’s father, who is a minister and motivational speaker.

According to Sportskeeda, Beckham’s father previously commented on his relationship with his daughter, saying: “Jordan and I have way more in common than anyone else in the house.”

The social media personality has often called herself “a huge daddy’s girl” and has described her father as a “gentle giant” and “the funniest, coolest guy you’ll ever meet.”

Her father has also appeared in a few of her YouTube videos, one of the most notable titled, “Meet My Dad (Finally!!!).”

Jordan Beckham announced her father's death with this emotional Instagram Story post


Jordan Beckham announced her father’s death with this emotional Instagram Story postCredit: Instagram

During the clip, the father-daughter duo drove around town, answering questions and talking casually about their daily life.

In the video from July 2020, Beckham stated that she and her father were the same people, while her brother and mother resembled each other.

“They are more in touch with their emotions, and we are in touch with funniness, happy.”

The cause of death or age of Beckham’s father has yet to be revealed.

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