How Did Netflix’s ‘Lucifer’ Season 6 End?

Dan goes to Heaven where he’s able to be with Charlotte again.

Dan finds his happy ending with Charlotte in the afterlife.


Throughout the final season, Dan is caught in a limbo of sorts. It’s a good thing he’s friends with the Devil, who cuts him a little slack in Hell, but more importantly, helps him realize just what he needs to do to rid himself of his guilt and make it to Heaven.

Dan’s guilt? It was always about his daughter. As a ghost, he winds up in the body of Vincent Le Mec, and that gives him an opportunity to speak with Trixie one last time. She’s a smart girl who knows exactly how good of a man her father was, and she doesn’t blame him for a thing. He finally gets his chance to go to Heaven after having that emotional conversation.

In Heaven, that payoff is perfect. Dan’s with Charlotte again, laughing, happy, and enjoying unlimited pudding cups.


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