How do casino bonuses work?


Casinos use many ways to attract new clients and keep the existing ones, and what works best are the bonuses. Not only new players are attracted by these offers, but existing players will have an important reason to keep on betting there. 

In fact, bonuses became an essential marketing tool for the online casinos. One reason why bonuses are so appealing is that they offer to the customers more chances to win at the casino. And they act like a reward, for both existing and new clients.

And there are many types of bonuses that casinos offers. Players can receive them for opening an account at the casino, for depositing money, for playing regularly, or even for referring other players. 

There are some conditions to receive the bonuses, but they are designed in such way so that the player will actually gamble at the casino, and not just benefit from the money. Also, some bonuses offer free spins instead of the free money.

Here are a few of the bonuses (or free offers) you can encounter at an online casino:

Welcome bonuses

This is known also as a sign up bonus. The Welcome bonuses are targeted precisely at the new customers, so that they would be encouraged to play in the online casino. 

It is the most popular bonus on the market, and almost every reputable casino offers it. For example, if you refer a friend to Unibet you will get Welcome bonuses. 

Usually, such a bonus means free spins, free money, or other rewards. But keep in mind that these bonuses expire, so you have to claim it after your deposit. There are also Welcome bonuses in form of multiple deposits. 

Deposit bonuses

They are basically the same thing as the Welcome bonuses, but with a big difference: They are applicable to existing players too, and not only to new players. 

On the other hand, they are not that good deal as an actual Welcome bonus. But the fact that you can wage your bets, and then you can withdraw any winning earned from the free bonus money is what online casinos offer to keep their existing players interested.

Loyalty bonuses

Then there are the Loyalty bonuses. A loyalty program is something online casinos offer often. This way, they want to keep their players for as long as possible. That means rewarding them so that they will stay more – and play more, obviously.

Sometimes, these are special offers for the long-term players, and they are the most beneficial bonuses. These bonuses include deposit bonuses, free spins, or even VIP programs, free trips or vacations, and entries into leagues or competitions. 

Reload bonuses

Also similar to deposit bonuses, the reload bonuses are offered by the online casinos on certain days of the week. 

You can obtain this bonus when depositing on a certain day or days in a month, designated by the casino. From this moment on, all that you have to do is to study the promotions offered by the casino, and decide to play on that specific days when the bonus applies.

Free Spins bonuses

These bonuses are usually available for online slots, and can be offered on specific slots on any slot games, depending on the online casino. 

It may be offered as part of the Welcome bonus, or just to the loyal players. And the bonus consists of free spins, of course, offered though on certain conditions. Unlike other bonuses, this one doesn’t give a determined amount or percentage of money. 

Other popular bonuses are the No Deposit bonuses, the Cashback bonuses, or the Free Money bonuses. Either way, you can benefit from all these bonuses if you choose an online casino and begin playing. 


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