How Does Duggar Cousin Amy King Decide Which Photos To Censor?
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How Does Duggar Cousin Amy King Decide Which Photos To Censor?

Duggar family fans are pretty confused about Amy King’s recent social media posts. She appears to be inconsistent in how she shares photos of her toddler son, Daxton. 

As many fans know, Josh Duggar was recently arrested for the possession of child sexual abuse material. His trial is in November. In the meantime, his cousin Amy has been subtly speaking out about his arrest and alleged charges. 

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She also shared a post, implying that Josh’s arrest made her realize how many people might be seeing pictures of her son on social media. She said she originally posted a photo of her son without a sticker covering his bare chest in the pool. But then, she decided to repost a censored version. She wrote, “I now have a new set of eyes and I’m more of aware of how someone can use anything for evil. It’s the sad truth, but something worth sharing for sure.”

Duggar cousin Amy King censors some pictures but not all.

Since Amy decided to start censoring photos of her son, she has been inconsistent. She places a sticker over his chest in some shirtless photos but not all of them. It’s unclear why she’s inconsistent about such a serious issue, especially because she seemed to be so concerned about his privacy.

She first mentioned her concerns for Daxton’s privacy and safety on July 7 in the post shown above.

Then, on July 31, she shared a family photo in the pool, and Daxton’s chest isn’t covered.

On Wednesday, she shared another new post, documenting her “movie fort day” with her son. In that photo, Daxton appears to be shirtless too, but she added a blue heart over his body.

So, she seems to go back and forth on censoring her son’s photos. And it’s unclear how she decides to do this. It’s possible she forgot to do it on the July 31 post and is back to using a sticker to protect him once again. 

Fans point out censoring photos isn’t enough.

In the comments sections of her posts, fans are applauding Amy’s decision to censor photos of Daxton. They think it’s important for her to protect her son. Unfortunately, placing a sticker over a photo isn’t enough.

One of her followers made an important point in the comments section and wrote, “not bashing or shaming at all, but from one mama heart to another, stickers on photos can be removed! I’d hate for this sweet, precious memory to turn into a nightmare!😞”

So, do you like that Duggar cousin Amy King is censoring her son’s photos now? Why do you think she’s inconsistent with it? Let us know in the comments below.

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