How Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Spent Her Summer

It has been a hectic summer for people all over the world, and Hailie Jade Mathers is no exception. The daughter of rapper Eminem and burgeoning influencer has been looking for new ways to leverage her platform and get out there without violating travel restrictions or putting herself at high risk for COVID-19. Judging by her Instagram posts, she did pretty well.

Mathers has over 2.2 million followers on Instagram, where she typically posts slice-of-life-style content including photos and short clips. The captions are often snarky and ironic without revealing much about her personal life. However, she does seem to go out of her way to distance herself from the shock-jock legacy of her father, Marshall Mathers.

This summer has included cookouts, trips and a few looks down memory lane for Mathers. The 25-year-old also shared some more screentime with her boyfriend, Evan McClintock, who has featured in more and more of her posts in recent years.

Fans continue to flock to Mathers’ posts, asking for more details on her personal life and complimenting her impeccable style. Here’s a look back on the summer of 2021 in her life so far.


Depending on where you count the start of the season, Hailie’s summer began with a trip to Sedona, Arizona. She also posted an Instagram Story video showing some of the sights she saw out in the desert.



By the end of May, Mathers’ had already built up a respectable tan, as she showed in this anticipatory post.



A few weeks later Mathers posted photos of herself in a do-rag, joking that she looked like someone who was about to do some gossiping. 



When Mathers isn’t holding a cup of coffee, she’s typically holding a cocktail in her Instagram posts. She made the most of the season by sipping on this one outdoors back in July.



Mathers posted a selfie with McClintock on Instagram on July 18, acknowledging her usual cryptic social media tactics. She included a heart emoji and a fire emoji.



Mathers posted a photo of four old print photographs, apparently taken in her own childhood. That included some which hinted at her father’s sense of style.



In early August, Mathers made it out to Lollapalooza — one of the biggest music festivals of the summer allowed to go on thanks to the COVID-19 vaccines. It’s not clear which artists she went to see since she only posted a couple of photos of herself.



Finally, Mathers still seems to be soaking up the sun in one of her latest posts where she is relaxing on a boat. As the summer begins to wind down, many fans are more jealous of Mathers than ever.


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