How Gabby Barrett’s Song The Good Ones Was Really Received By People With Disabilities

Country singer Gabby Barett sat down with Everything Nash to explain the inspiration behind her music video.

“It was a special song, and because it was a special song, I really, really wanted to have such a special video,” Gabby told Everything Nash in June 2020. “I wanted to send a very important message to people. My nephew has cerebral palsy, and my cousin has autism. I’ve done functions for disabilities and all kinds of things growing up. We had thought of the idea; me and a few of the directors that filmed the video, we came up with this idea that we wanted to send the message that, no matter what disability you have, no matter what color your skin is, whatever it is, you can find love.”

The music video follows the hardships of a young couple, and viewers soon discover that one of them is in a wheelchair. Throughout the music video, the woman expresses her longing to stand and dance with her lover. As the song plays, footage of the man creating a harness for her to stand is revealed. The romantic single ends with the couple locked in an embrace and dancing with one another.

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