How I got kicked out of my seat at an NFL game

A video posted by Colts defensive end Isaac Rochell’s wife is going viral on TikTok.

Allison Kucharczyk, who married the Indianapolis football player earlier this year and goes by Allison Kuch on her social channels, shared a video to the popular platform detailing the time she was kicked out of her husband’s NFL game. 

“Hi, my name is Ally, and this is the story time of how I got kicked out of my seat at my husband’s NFL game,” Kuch said.

Rochell, who was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in March, played for the Los Angeles Chargers at the time of the incident. Kuch attended the game in question with her sister Emily, whose boyfriend Ronnie Stanley plays for the Baltimore Ravens. The sisters’ beaus were competing against each other in a 2019 AFC wild-card game, which the Chargers won 23-17.

“Instead of getting my tickets through the Chargers, we got the tickets through the Ravens,” Emily said. “So because we got tickets through the Ravens, my seat was dead center (with) all of the Ravens families. So the first half went by fine, both teams were playing well, but the second half, the second half got heated.”

When Rochell got a sack in the second half, Kuch didn’t miss the opportunity to cheer him on. Kuch shared video footage she took of herself on the day of the game with a cocktail in hand before admitting alcohol might have played a part in her behavior.

“Was alcohol involved? Maybe,” Kuch joked.

Tension grew as the Ravens struggled against the Chargers in the third quarter.

“I start getting cussed out, threatened,” Kuch, 26, said. “And I am not a confrontational person.”

While attempting to return to her seat, an employee at the stadium approached Kuch and told her it was in everyone’s best interest if she didn’t return to that section. Kuch admitted that her celebration would be annoying to any home team’s family section.

“Was I in the wrong for screaming? I mean, honestly, yeah, I would be annoyed too,” Kuch said.  

Rochell approved of his wife’s viral video, commenting, “You were the real on at battle that day…not me,” on the TikTok that has amassed over 1.9 million views.

Rochell and the Indianapolis Colts play the Baltimore Ravens — again — on Monday. 


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