How Is Michael Cohen Advising Mary Trump?

During a virtual appearance on MSNBC, former “fixer” to Donald Trump turned disbarred attorney, Michael Cohen, called the lawsuit “ridiculous” and offered Trump’s niece a page from of his own playbook when it comes to dealing with the former prez. “If I was Mary Trump and her lawyer, I would turn and say don’t fight this,” Cohen said. “Just answer the complaint and look for depositions. Let’s look for discovery because one thing for certain — and I have read dozens of Donald Trump depositions — they are the dumbest written paper that you’ve ever seen, nothing makes sense, everything is circular.” 

The lawyer then referenced his own experience and explained that Donald doesn’t want to do depositions. “Right now I’m in a lawsuit against the Trump Organization,” Cohen continued. “I have asked for depositions of Donald and they are adamant that they do not want him to sit for depositions because he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

Whether or not Mary takes Cohen’s advice remains to be seen, but many could argue that if anyone knows how to go up against Donald Trump, it’s fallen attorney Cohen!


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