How Jodi Montgomery Offered To Help Britney Spears

It looks like her personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, is going to offer a plan to the judge in order to be able to end the conservatorship. Montgomery, from what we can see, has no plan to resign, otherwise it would just be Britney and her Dad again and from what Britney has said, that would be leaving her in a toxic environment.

Jodi Montgomery to offer plan to end conservatorship

What does this plan entail? We don’t know yet. We do know that Britney has another hearing with the judge on July 14th in order to end her conservatorship and we can only hope that she can find a lawyer by then or by some miracle of God’s grace she can file the paperwork herself because right now it doesn’t look like this girl has anyone that’s truly on her side.

Lynne Spears, her Mom, has asked the judge for Britney’s ability to seek her own private counsel in this case and not to have a court-appointed attorney because Samuel Ingham, at least according to Britney, was falling down on his job and not fully informing her of her legal options. He recently resigned from the conservatorship without filing the petition to end the conservatorship itself. 

Ingham had previously said that he did inform Britney that she had the option of petitioning the court to end the conservatorship, but in Britney’s defense, if someone is in as high a stress environment as she is and constantly being gaslit, she probably lost hope, went into survival mode, and only retained the information that was pertinent to her getting to see her kids.

Also, if he informed her while she was on lithium, then the information could have literally been drugged from her system because she said she felt drunk and was unable to hold conversations while she was on the drug.

More than likely though, Britney had entered survival mode, and was trying to play by the rules in order to see her kids. There’s also the fact that the conservatorship was paying Ingham $10,000 per week on retainer so no wonder he didn’t want it to end.

Will Jodi Montgomery’s plan be feasible or will there be another 13 years of endless hoops for Britney to jump through in order to free herself? We can only hope that the law sees things from her point of view. So many abuse victims do not speak up for fear that they won’t be heard, and the same goes for the case of Britney Spears. She’s clearly an abuse victim and something needs to give. We’ll be waiting for the day she’s free. Stay tuned!!!

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