How Kanye West is secretly ‘raking in MILLIONS’ as he delays Donda album release over and over again

KANYE West has been “raking in the MILLIONS” as he continues to delay his Donda album release over and over again for months on end.

The rapper recently incited fury in fans when he launched a $200 Donda stem player while still delaying the actual album drop.

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Kanye has been ‘raking in the millions’ by delaying his albumCredit: Getty
Donda was initially set for release in July


Donda was initially set for release in JulyCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Kanye, 44, has secretly been raking in the dough while holding out on releasing his 10th studio LP.

According to Billboard, the musician’s “ticketed in-person and live-streamed listening parties” have been rolling in the cash, offering an explanation for the setback.

The legendary performer’s July 22nd listening event at Mercedes-Benz Stadium hosted 42,000 fans with each paying between $25 and $100 per ticket.

However, the first live stream was aired on Apple Music for free as the album was set to release the next day.

But two weeks later, Kanye held a second live stream that broke Apple Music records with a whopping 5.4 million viewers.

The second event drove about $7 million in in-person merchandise sales, a source told the music outlet.

The rapper has continued to withhold his new collection of music, claiming that his final live stream will take place on Aug. 26 at Chicago’s Soldier Field.

The father of four asserted that after his Chicago show the album will finally be released.

Kanye’s Atlanta listening events grossed somewhere between $1.5 million and $2.7 million apiece, Billboard has estimated.

The publication added that: “In the 22-day period between July 19 and Aug 9, on-demand U.S. streams of his music rose 37% over the previous 22-day period, according to MRC Data, generating an additional $350,000 in income on top of what the prior period had brought in.”

Days before the first live stream Kanye debuted his song No Child Left Behind in an impressive new Beats by Dre commercial during the NBA finals.

The advertisement averaged 12.52 million viewers, and although Apple has invested heavily in Donda, Billboard claimed: “it’s possible that a significant portion of [their] investment went to marketing.”

“An A-level artist like Kanye could demand a multi-million-dollar deal, or a guaranteed marketing spend to promote the spot,” a brand marketing executive told the outlet.

“It’s either about generating revenue to help support the album release, or to cover expenses.

“But a lot of people don’t realize that A-level artists will do deals for very little money if there’s a massive marketing commitment. It’s not always about the dollar, it’s about the promotion,” they explained.

After months of teasing the release, Kanye most recently pushed Donda back until September 3rd.

Fans have been frustrated by the delay, as the album was initially scheduled to drop in July.


Anger escalated when Kanye announced the release of his Stem Player for the new album.

The device will allow fans to loop tracks, speed or slow down a recording, and isolate different instruments from the compilation.

Many fans flocked to Twitter to slam Kanye as a “scam” artist for focusing on the device and not the music release.

“OK @kanyewest you won, just scammed me out of $200, now where Donda?” one ranted.

“Yesterday was a weird day in music. @kanyewest dropped a $200 IRL music player for his upcoming Donda album.” a second complained.

A third raged: “Kanye West is about to make an insane amount of money. The Donda Stem player costs $200,” with several shocked face emojis.

Kanye's live streams have made millions of dollars


Kanye’s live streams have made millions of dollars
One of his singles was premiered in a Beats By Dre commercial


One of his singles was premiered in a Beats By Dre commercialCredit: YouTube/ Beats by Dre
The rapper plans to finally release the album on September 3rd


The rapper plans to finally release the album on September 3rdCredit: Getty
Kanye West wows fans as he appears to float above the ground during live performance

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