How Many Seasons Will Hulu’s ‘The Great’ Be? Creator Speaks Out

The Great’s executive producer Marian Macgowan told Decider last year that the show was originally pitched for at least six seasons, before adding that she believes “there’s sufficient material to take us through until she is an old woman.”

Since there are no such things as spoilers when it comes to historical figures, this means that viewers should expect to see Catherine The Great overthrow her mentally unstable husband, Peter III (played by Nicholas Hoult), and reign supreme as the Empress of Russia. — with a dark and contemporary twist, of course.

“There have been a lot of Catherine the Great projects around, and there still are I guess, but I think we’ve got an amazing cast and a different point of view,” Tony explained to Deadline. “It’s not a straight historical drama. It’s very much my version of what historical dramas should be.”

All 10 episodes of Season 2 of The Great premiere on Friday, Nov. 19, on Hulu.

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