How Many Siblings Does Nick Cannon Have? The Comedian Is the Oldest

Many celebrities make it a point to share the spotlight with their siblings. From Cardi B and her sister Hennessy Carolina to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, providing your family with opportunity is the ultimate goal for today’s celebs. And while Nick Cannon is mostly in the news for celebrating the birth of his new child, the entrepreneur has also had a hand in his siblings’ careers.

If you make it a point to keep up with Nick, you likely know that the star tends to keep details of his family out of the public eye. There have been talks of controversy between Nick and some of his siblings, but Nick has never addressed any rumors. And since Nick’s brother Javen “King” Cannon has become a recurring cast member on Wild ‘N Out, fans are interested to learn more about Nick’s family.

So, how many siblings does Nick have? Read on to get your answer.

Nick Cannon has four siblings: Gabriel, Reuben, Javen, and Caleb.

To say that Nick grew up with a big family would be an understatement. Per The Celebritist, Nick is the oldest of five. His siblings are Gabriel, Reuben, Javen, and Caleb.

According to The Things, the brothers were surrounded by gang violence growing up but found refuge in the church. As a result, the brothers grew fond of music and performing.

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While Nick is the most famous of the bunch, his brothers have always found their own way in the world of entertainment. King Cannon works alongside Nick as a consultant, writer, and comedian on Wild ‘N Out. King has also been a recurring cast member since Season 13 of the sketch-comedy show.

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Reuben Cannon is currently focused on building his music career. He has released various songs as an independent artist, including the mixtape “Play My S–t” which has hit over 4 million streams on Soundcloud.

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Like his brother Reuben, Gabriel Cannon has also been working hard to take his music career to the next level. Gabriel has even collaborated with Reuben on the song “Bow My Head.”

As for Caleb Cannon, it seems that he prefers to live his life out of the public eye.

King Cannon

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