How Many Times Have Martin Short and Steve Martin Worked Together?

They first worked together in 1985 on the set of Three Amigos! and the rest is, as they say, history. OK, maybe not quite. They actually met in 1984, before they shot the movie together.

Martin explained to InStyle that they met backstage at a primetime show called The New Show, which was similar to SNL. They didn’t work together at the time, though. The next time they met was when Martin picked up the script for Three Amigos! from Steve’s house.

“When the film wrapped, we started having dinners, the three of us and our wives,” Martin told InStyle, of himself, Steve, and their Three Amigos! co-star Chevy Chase. “And it just continued on. There was never a phase where I didn’t see Steve for a couple of years.”

Steve added that, because of their roles in the Father of the Bride movies, they were able to “really develop a friendship.”

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