How Much Does It Really Cost To Rent Out Renovation Island?

Not many know this, but the Caerula Mar Club is the first project featured on HGTV where viewers can actually see and experience. “It’s the first project on HGTV where viewers will actually be able to come down and see the final result, and hang out with us and the entire family,” Bryan Baeumler told The Edmonton Journal in January 2018.

While the resort has gained global popularity, staying there isn’t as expensive as you might think. According to the Caerula Mar Club’s website, a clubhouse suite costs $385 to $505, while a signature collection suite and villa costs $625 to $1,145 during the low season, or May through mid-November. The prices spike up in the high season, where the minimum cost of a clubhouse suite is $485 and a villa $785. And over Christmas and New Year’s, a suite can cost as much as $755 and a villa $1,715.

It’s also worth noting that these prices aren’t inclusive of tax and service fees and that trips require a three-night minimum stay. It’s not as expensive as one might think, but the rooms still cost a pretty penny.


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