How Online Faxing Saves Your Small Business Money


While many businesses still use the traditional fax machine, online fax services have become popular over the years as more businesses look to streamline their operations. Today, small businesses can take advantage of online fax to reliably and securely send and receive faxes from anywhere using a PC, tablet, or smartphone cost-effectively and efficiently via the cloud. 

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But for many small business owners who are new to online faxing, the question is – how does it save my business money? Read on to learn more and how your business benefits.

Avoid the Costs Associated With a Traditional Fax Machine

The biggest challenge for businesses that still own traditional fax machines is the associated costs of keeping the faxing operations running. From buying ink, toner, paper, and paying for maintenance, the costs are ongoing and can even rise higher when you have multiple machines. Even considering buying a machine can cost you thousands of dollars. 

Online faxing eliminates those costs and allows you to send and receive faxes easily and quickly without a fax machine. You get to enjoy additional features like electronic signatures, online file sharing, enhanced security, free mobile apps, large file sharing, and cloud storage of files. The cost savings of online faxing are attractive for small businesses, as noted by eFax

Easy Customization to Fit Your Business Needs

When using traditional fax machines, there’s no room for customization. Whether your business sends one fax or multiple faxes daily, you’d still have to pay for your fax machine and the associated costs. With online faxing, you can choose a service plan that best suits your unique business faxing needs. This is helpful for small businesses that want to reduce expenses.

Most online fax providers offer a pay-per-use cost model for small businesses as it’s easy to use and only charges for the faxes you send, with no fixed monthly fees. This is an attractive option for businesses that just send a few faxes per month. However, if you send many faxes each month, a monthly subscription is ideal. 

Most of the pricing plans are scalable if your needs change. By taking advantage of online faxing, small business owners can be sure that they’re only spending on what they need, and not wasting money that could go towards growing the business. 

Your Employees Will Be More Efficient

Staffing is one of the highest costs for any business, so you want to be getting the best out of your employees’ skills and time. As a small business, streamlining operations and how you do business can play a big role in helping you ensure more efficiency. If an employee is spending more than 10 minutes operating a fax machine, that’s a major inefficiency. 

The more man-hours wasted, the more valuable time your business loses. Turning to more efficient solutions like online faxing ensures that your employees are as productive as possible and working more efficiently. While the monetary savings may not be direct, the less time wasted operating the machine means more time working to increase your bottom line.

Minimal Start-Up Costs 

The start-up costs of online faxing for small businesses are much lower because there’s no need to purchase a fax machine or a phone line. Everything is cloud-based, meaning easy and quick access from anywhere. Online faxing can save your business up to 85% on the up-front costs and approximately 34% on the monthly costs of operating a traditional fax server. 


Online faxing saves you money and also makes your small business more competitive, especially if you rely on fax for sales, communication, and getting new clients. Remember that the business environment keeps changing, so adopting new business technology and adjusting the way you do business is vital to success.  


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