How Online Payments Can Help You With Easier Management of Your GST Transactions


As technology has been evolving, cashless transactions have been gaining momentum. For long, the trend has been towards using plastic money, and there is yet another advancement. Online Payments! Most businesses now offer the facility to make payments through online modes. Moreover, you have a range of options to do the task.

Considering this popularity of online payments, even the new and evolving GST law offers the taxpayers the facility to make GST payment online. This advancement will definitely make it easier for taxpayers to manage their GST transactions. Many benefits shall arrive as well. But before we move on to these benefits, let us have an understanding of all these payments.

What is GST Payment?

The tax liability paid by a taxpayer under GST after all adjustments and claiming of the input tax credit is GST payment. There are various types of GST payments that a taxpayer must make. Here is a brief overview of them.

Types of GST Payment

Central GST

The CGST is paid for any intra-state supply of goods or provision of services by the supplier or service provider. The payment made goes into the account of the Central Government.

State GST

This tax payment is also made for the intra-state supply of goods or the provision of services. This payment goes into the account of State Government of the concerned state.

Integrated GST

You pay IGST in case of inter-state supply of goods or provision of services. This payment has both CGST as well as SGST components within it.

How Online GST Payment Makes Transactions Easier?

As mentioned earlier, online GST payments can make your transactions extremely easy and beneficial. Here is how.

No Need To Wait Up in Lines

Physical payments will involve you going to the GST offices and wait up in lines. This shall take up a considerable amount of your time, which you could use up for something more important. And that is where online payment comes into the picture. All you need to make an online payment is to use the GST portal or some online payment app. Your payment will be made in a few clicks, thereby saving you time and energy.

Paperless Records

Online GST payments do away with the need to maintain documents for transactions since everything is on the portal. And we all know that it is far easier to maintain online records than maintaining them in hard copies. Documents run the risk of loss, theft, tampering, and defacing. All these risks get eliminated with paperless records, and you can manage your transactions more efficiently.

Helps With Return Filing

With all your transactions managed better over an online platform, you can have exceptional ease with filing your GST return. This is important because all your GST payments depend on this return, and any error can run you into penalties and losses.

GST Incentive

You get incentives if you make your GST payments online. On making a digital payment of GST, you can get a cashback of up to 20% with a cap of Rs. 100 in your account. This initiative has been taken by the Government to promote Digital India. So, you make your transactions easy, and you gain in monetary terms as well.

With all these amazing benefits associated with online GST payments, you sure must be considering switching to it. And why not? Who does not want to make their transactions easily manageable? But maybe you do not know how to do it. Well, here is a guide for you on how to make your GST payment online.

How to Make GST Payment Online?

The procedure is pretty simple. All you need to do is make a few clicks. So, if you have any of your payments pending, get on to your system and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Go on the GST portal and login with your username and password. You also have to enter a CAPTCHA code to authenticate yourself.

Step 2

Move your cursor to “Services” and from the drop-down list first select “Payments” and then “Create Challan.”

A form will appear before you.

Step 3

Enter the amounts to be paid in the relevant fields.

Step 4

Once you have filled the form and are satisfied that all entries are correct, select the mode by which you want to make payment.

There are three modes of payment- E-Payment, Over the Counter, NEFT/RTGS.

For payments below Rs.10000, you can select any of the three modes. However, if your payment exceeds that amount, you shall have to select between E-Payment and NEFT/RTGS. Over the Counter option shall not be available for payments beyond the Rs.10000 limit.

Step 5

Click on “Generate Challan” after selecting your preferred mode of Payment.

A summary page will show up on the screen giving out the details of the Challan. You need to select your preferred mode of payment again on this page.

Step 6

Do the needful, select the mode of payment, and then click the “Make Payment” button.

Step 7

As soon as you click on that button, a page will open, asking you your bank details if you have chosen the e-payment option. Fill the details, wait for OTP, enter it, and complete the payment procedure.

A challan will generate on making the payment, which will show you the details of the amount you have paid. This challan will also reflect in your “Cash Ledger Account.”

In case you have chosen the option to make payment through “Over the Counter Mode” or “RTGS/NEFT” mode, you will need to take a printout of the challan and pay the amount in your bank. The same tax paid challan will generate when you make the payment, which shall get credited to your cash ledger account.

So, these are 7steps that complete your GST payment for you and help you manage your GST transactions better and in an easier manner. So, make online payments and grab the benefits you have in store for you.


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