How serving in the Army National Guard sets you up for success

If you’re a member of Generation Z, fresh out of school and eager to start your career, you might be feeling a bit disappointed. High unemployment, the ongoing effects of a pandemic, and skyrocketing college debt have combined to make this an extraordinarily tough time to be entering the workforce.

But Gen Z — usually defined as those born in 1997 or after— isn’t likely to surrender in the face of adversity. A 2020 survey found that 62% of Gen Zers agree they have the potential to impact the world.

“Generation Z is sometimes referred to as the ‘lost generation,’ but nothing could be further from the truth,” Lt. Col. Nate Wilson, director of marketing, Army National Guard said. “These are young adults with a strong work ethic and a desire to serve their country and local communities — and discover their path in life.”

Few employers let you have an impact on the world like the Army National Guard. With its origins as a citizen force dating back to 1636, the Army National Guard is a unique part of the US military that gives young Americans a chance to serve their country part-time — both nationally and locally — serving their community and providing services in times of emergency or outstanding need. For Army National Guard Soldiers, serving close to home in such a vital capacity is one of the most rewarding aspects of service.

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