How the Jets can find hope in the 1986 Mets

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When I watched the fantastic ESPN documentary about the 1986 Mets, “Once Upon a Time in Queens,” recently, it made me think about these Jets.

That may seem odd because the ’86 Mets won 108 games, the World Series and were one of the most dominant teams in our area in memory. These Jets don’t exactly live up to that. More specifically, these Jets remind me of the 1983 Mets.

A big part of that documentary was how the Mets got to 1986. It was the build. And looking back as a fan of that team, that was part of the fun — seeing the different building blocks along the way. I don’t think anyone knew in 1983 that the Mets were turning the corner. The team was terrible, going 68-94. It was their ninth straight year without the playoffs. George Bamberger quit as manager after 46 games, saying, “I’ve probably suffered enough.”


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