How the season 1 finale sets up more

Netflix’s new action series Hit and Run premiered on August 6 and the cliff-hanger ending with Segev Azulai embarking on yet another mission has left the audience impatient for season 2.


The newest product from Fauda creators Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz comes Hit and Run, an action thriller following Segev Azulai (Lior Raz), a happily married tour guide in Tel Aviv. He taps backs into his murky past as he goes international to track down those responsible for his wife Danielle’s (Kaelen Ohm) death.

Of course it’s never that straight forward when he discovers how Danielle was keeping him in the dark regarding her history.

With Segev establishing himself as a criminal by the end of the season, what can we expect from season 2?


Hit and Run: season finale recap

Every man wants Danielle’s (real name Sophie Dreyer) notebook and her father is one of them, since it is filled with classified and sensitive information about the Israel intelligence.

Titled ‘Search and Destroy’, the ninth and final episode sees Segev on the run after he escapes Martin’s (real name Reece) arrest through a bathroom window after he agrees to give to him the notebook, but obviously it was a set up.

Meanwhile, Naomi deciphers the message from Sophie’s notebook; “Chronos, Cheetah, Cobra, Rat” is uncovered to be “POTUS, The Daughter, Son in Law, and Remote Access Trojan”, a spyware used by hackers hence revealing that Sophie knew that the Israelis were monitoring The White House.

In true action-thriller fashion, Naomi gets kidnapped by Tamir just after she reveals she found the meaning of the coded message to Karina, forcing Segev on a rescue mission.

Having secured the notebook and enlisted the help of Isaac, Segev goes the rescue and Reece enters dramatically from the elevator, revealing that he is now allies with Tamir – we had the same response as Segev “What the f?”

Stranger Things 4 | Sneak Peek | Netflix



Stranger Things 4 | Sneak Peek | Netflix





However, Reece betrays Tamir and shoots him in the head, freeing Naomi. The two remaining men wrestle and Segev escapes with Naomi and the all-important notebook.

Before the pair split up, Segev tells Naomi to publish the information from the notebook in what feels like their last meeting for a while.

The episode concludes with the fugitive hit by another set of unfortunate news; Shira has been shot in the head and his daughter Ella is missing.

What do we expect in season 2?

Hit and Run has not been renewed yet, but with raving reviews and already taking a Top 10 spot, it’s highly likely that season 2 will be picked up.

Judging from the final scene where Segev channels a ‘man-on-a-mission’ expression while running on the never-ending NYC bridge, it looks like season 2 will begin with yet another rescue operation. This time, it will be for his daughter which we know is his biggest priority.

The stakes will be higher and it’s likely we’ll see Segev getting himself into more predicaments as he’ll be willing to commit and sacrifice anything for Ella’s safety – very Liam Neeson Taken-esque. Chances are the audience will see more scenes in Israel as the protective father flees back.

Also, we never see if Naomi publishes the notebook and her article, so it’s possible that something else happens to either the journalist or the notebook before it can be done.

Season 2 does have some explaining to do, such as how Segev, a wanted fugitive, is able to travel through the city unspotted and how the CIA and the Mossad are able to be so involved on each other’s territory.

In other news, Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out: Season 2 release confirmed on Twitter!

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