How to buy cheaper pizza takeaway with ‘secret’ ordering hack

Pizza is the UK’s second-favourite takeaway and while the combo of cheese and dough is pure heaven, it can be a drain on your wallet.

But there are ways to get cheaper pizza, as revealed on Channel 5’s documentary Secrets of the Fast Food Giants on Thursday night (September 2).

As tasty-looking slices of pizza are being sliced up, presenter Alexis Conran says: “If that’s made you hungry for a takeaway, the following tips can help you get more slices for less.

“When ordering your weekend treat, it’s worth bearing in mind that larger pizzas are almost always better value than smaller sizes.

Channel 5 presenter Alexis Conran shows how to get cheaper pizza

“For example, a large 13.5″ pepperoni pizza at one takeaway chain is only £2.00 more than a medium 11.5”.

“But you get nearly 30% more pizza!”

He continued: “So if you’re ordering with friends or want two separate pizzas, then it works out cheaper to go large and split it and you can even go half and half with toppings.

“Many pizza providers will offer heavily discounted meals using promotions, so look out for these!”

The bigger the pizza the better the value according to the show
The bigger the pizza the better the value according to the show

If you already know these tips then how about challenging your brand loyalty and shopping around to save money?

A 12″ barbecue chicken pizza from a London takeaway with a five-star food hygiene rating was £14.99 when we checked, whereas a similar-sized 11.5″ inch chicken feast from Dominoes was £16.99.

Papa John’s barbecue chicken pizza was also £16.99 for a medium (11.5″).

Although the big chains often offer 50% off when you order multiple pizzas, it’s not always such good value when you’re only ordering for one or two people and just want a single pizza.

As seen in the Channel 5 show, one of the best ways to get a great pizza is using a stone oven on very high heat so check out your local pizzerias and read the reviews.

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An Indian restaurant owner revealed the secret of how they have so many different dishes on the menu.

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