How To Copy Victoria Secret Angel Elsa Hosk’s Style

If you look through Elsa Hosk’s Instagram account, you’ll find a range of colors, designer brands, and her adorable baby daughter, Tuulikki Joan Daly (who’s also participating in the bucket hat trend). The model makes slipping into sweat sets look as fashionable as wearing a neon blazer. However, the overarching theme seems to be bold prints and loose-fitting silhouettes. Hosk opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her personal style in 2016. “It’s always comfortable. I like to think that it looks effortless rather than trying too hard. It’s sort of a mix-match between vintage designers,” she said. “I love fashion so I’m always into new things. I’m not necessarily a trend-driven person. I like to kind of do my own thing.”

Her own closet features quirky accessories, whether it’s colorful socks in sandals (check out her “Sock-CAM“) or printed headgear paired with classic sneakers and oversized shirts. Hosk makes workwear look casual with this shirt from Woera and beachwear more interesting than ever. According to Star Style, these Nike sneakers ($180) and Yeezys ($530) make regular appearances in her posts as well. While the model’s closet isn’t as affordable as we’d like, Hosk’s inventive styling has earned her a spot in all of our Pinterest boards. 

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