How to do any hairstyle in 5 minutes from French braids to beachy waves

STYLING your hair can seem like a never-ending task, from getting a dead arm, to sectioning your hair 50 times, the process isn’t fun.

Plus, going to the salon every week to attain fabulously blow dried curls or stylish updos just isn’t an option for some of us.


Doing your hair can be far simpler than you think as our experts share their secrets for quick, stunning stylesCredit: Getty – Contributor

Whether you’re after plaits, braids or beach waves in under five minutes, then look no further.

We’ve spoken to some expert hairdressers who have shared their top tips and tricks for how to recreate the looks at home and it looks super easy.

Faye Riley, head stylist at Doll Beauty HQ, said she has always reached for hairbrushes and accessories since a really young age. 

The 25-year-old, from Chester, who has loved being a hairdresser for the past eight years, said: “I love the client transformation that can be created with colouring and extension fitting.”

Easy French plait

There's no need to be intimidated by a French plait with our pro tips


There’s no need to be intimidated by a French plait with our pro tipsCredit: Getty

Faye revealed there’s an easy way to create a French plait hairstyle – and it only takes five minutes. 

She said: “Start with 3 small sections at the top of your head, then begin crossing under, from left to right, keeping one hand really close to the head to keep it nice and tight. 

“Once done and fastened at the bottom, I love to go back through and pull the edges out and spritz with sea salt spray to give it a really textured boho look.”

Slicked back hairstyle

A high glam sleek look could be the one for you and it'll only take minutes to pull together


A high glam sleek look could be the one for you and it’ll only take minutes to pull togetherCredit: Getty

Faye also revealed her top tips for creating a simple slicked back hairstyle for a night out – which can be created in under five minutes. 

The hairdresser said you should start by spritzing the hair with heat protection spray. The spray eliminates any frizz and hydrates your hair, leaving it super shiny. 

Then straighten your hair down nice and sleek.

Next, rub hair gel on the palms of your hand and apply the product to the outer layer of the hair 

Then, begin combing through pulling everything straight back.

Lastly, keep applying gel until you are happy and finish the look by misting with some hairspray.

Faye commented: “My top tip would be that it’s important to keep some volume in your hair as slicked back hair can often end up looking too flat. 

“A volume texturizing spray used in the beginning, alongside heat protection, will help your hair to retain volume and prevent it from going limp.” 

Five minute boho and beachy ponytail

This loose and relaxed look is ideal for summer evenings


This loose and relaxed look is ideal for summer eveningsCredit: Getty

Faye also shared her secrets for another easy hairstyle – that’s super easy to do yet super stylish. 

She explained that a boho and beachy ponytail, with your fringe pulled out, is Doll HQ’s go-to. 

It’s easy to achieve, you simply part your hair down the middle and leave two pieces of hair on either side of the parting. 

Then Faye instructed you to sleek all your back into a low ponytail just above the nape of the neck. 

Once all tied back, put a really loose beachy wave through the ponytail, comb out and backcomb in places for extra texture.

Lastly, spray into place and curl your two front pieces leaving the ends straight.

She said: “Remember for this particular style, the messier, the better!”

Easy beachy waves

Let your hair hang free with relaxed beachy waves that'll come together in minutes


Let your hair hang free with relaxed beachy waves that’ll come together in minutesCredit: Getty

Elsewhere artistic director at SAKS in Poulton Lancashire Sarah Clarke-Lees revealed she loves making people feel special and making them fall in love with their hair. 

The 38-year-old, who has been hairdressing for over 22 years, also shared her tips and tricks for creating five minute hairstyles.

To create easy beach waves, she said you can start by damping the hair down with a salt spray and simply braiding it into two braids. Then use a hairdryer on a warm heat to dry it.  

Then once the product is dry, go back over the braids with a cold blast from your dryer to secure in the shape.

Lastly, undo the braids, scrunch in some more salt spray and done! 

Wedding guest wow

Look like a pro with this simple but stunning up do


Look like a pro with this simple but stunning up doCredit: Sarah Clarke-Lees/SAKS

Sarah also shared an easy wedding guest hairstyle that can be styled quickly and with minimal effort.

She said: “Take a diagonal section across the head and secure into pigtails so there’s no visible parting then braid the pigtails.

“Pull the braid out slightly to give a loose textured braid and take one over the other and secure and then the second under the first and secure tuck in the ends and secure.

Lastly, pull some wisps of hair around the face. I always give people the tip of adding a jeweled slide or flowers to accessorise and add wow factor!”

Illusional vintage sleek wave

High glam is within your reach with this straight forward sleek look


High glam is within your reach with this straight forward sleek lookCredit: Getty – Contributor

Elsewhere hairdressing expert Sarah also shared her top tips for creating a vintage sleek wave – a hairstyle that looks incredible but requires minimal time to perfect. 

She explained you start by placing the hair in a side parting. 

Then you take a section – about an inch thick – along the parting on the thicker side. Next, you secure the remaining hair into a sleek side bun.

Use some straighteners to create a wave on section by bending under moving down then bend over repeat to ends of hair.

Place the wave along the hairline and secure ends around the bun for the illusion of sleek vintage waves.

Simple longer ponytail

Achieve the perfect pony with our easy expert advice


Achieve the perfect pony with our easy expert adviceCredit: Getty

Sarah also shared her secrets for creating an easy longer ponytail – one that’s often favoured by Ariana Grance. 

She said: “Section hair from behind the ear to the crown and place it in a ponytail. Take the remaining hair and place it in a ponytail just underneath the previous.

“Next, pull the hair from the top ponytail over the bottom ponytail to give the illusion of extra length and width.” 

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