How to fake a French manicure in SECONDS using a cheap tool

AS WITH all fashion trends, the french manicure has swung back round and is now one of the most popular nail designs you see when scrolling through Instagram and TikTok.

Most people would head straight to the professionals and wouldn’t dare try them at home, painting the tip could easily go haywire and end up with different lengths on each finger nail.


You can use a silicone stamper or beauty blender

But this TikTok hack will give you perfect tips every time and you’ll end up with chic manicured nails in literal seconds.

The video shows just how easy the nail art can be, even if you are no expert and have the shakiest of hands.

Whilst the traditional french manicure look is barely-there pink and white tips, 2021 has given it a re-make with a pop of colour.

The popular nail art pattern is to now have a natural tone on the majority of the nail, but to add colour with the tips using neons or pastels.

TikTok user nailzkatkat shared the hack to her account and the video has been viewed almost 10 million times.

All you need to buy to create the perfect set of french-manicured nails is a silicone nail art stamper, which can be bought on Amazon and most other online retailers.

Others suggest using a silicone beauty blender which will give similar results.

Using the silicone stamper, nailzkatkat, applies a small amount of the nail polish she wants to use on the tips to the surface of the stamper.

She then simply dips each tip of the nail into the stampers surface, and within seconds has a perfectly neat set of nails.

She notes the trick does work best on longer nails but should be fine for shorter nails too.

People on TikTok loved the video and instant results the hack gave.

One user wrote: “I NEED to do this!”

Another commented: “This is so cool!”

Nailzkatkat notes it works best on long nails


Nailzkatkat notes it works best on long nails
The results are as good as a salon manicure


The results are as good as a salon manicure

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