How to find and complete the weekly challenge

Splitgate is more than a shooter. As you slay enemies in the indie free-to-play FPS, you’ll likely want to level up. One method to receive experience is by completing matches and daily challenges. This might still feel a bit too sluggish for your liking. To further expedite the process, you’ll need to complete weekly challenges.

Each one you manage to finish will reward you with 10,000 experience points. This week’s challenge in Splitgate asks you to complete a “Pantheon Race.” Here’s everything you need to know to access the mode and get claim your prize.

How do you start a Pantheon Race in Splitgate?

Perhaps the hardest thing about the Pantheon Race is actually starting it. If you’ve spent any time in Splitgate, you’ll feel more accustomed to the game’s shooter elements than any race mode. You likely haven’t even encountered a race mode.

That’s by design. The Pantheon Race in Splitgate is tucked away in a menu away from everything else. You can find it by going to the menu for “Training” and selecting “Race.” Once there, set the map to Pantheon and click start. Voila! You’ve found enigmatic Pantheon Race

How do you finish the Pantheon Race in Splitgate?

You need to collect the highlighted disco balls and oddballs to complete the race. But you might also want to complete the race in record time to earn yourself some bragging rights.

Here’s how you can do both. (Remember, you can see your progress in the overall race by using the top-left corner.)

  1. When you start the race, place a portal on the blue area on your right above the number 2 and one directly below the 2.
  2. Grab the first three balls.
  3. After the third ball, you’ll be launched across a room with a circle and a ball in the center. Place one portal above the doorway in your direct line of sight and another under the fourth ball.
  4. As you exit the above door portal, change where the portal was placed to a platform under the doorway directly in your line of sight. Collect another ball in the center and continue outside.
  5. Use your momentum to reach the cliff and collect a ball. As you leap to the second cliff. Place, a portal on the circular building in the distance. Collect the second ball.
  6. Jump down below the cliff to collect your next ball and place the portal below you.
  7. You’re now leaping towards a new ball. Place one portal on the wall directly left of the ball.
  8. Once you collect the ball, place a second portal on the opposite side of the room. Run through it.
  9. Now you have an easy time leaping over cubes and you’ll start jumping up through circular until you reach the end of the race.

If you did it correctly, congrats on finishing in near-record time.

What rewards do you get for completing a Pantheon Race in Splitgate?

The biggest reward is 10,000 XP for completing a Splitgate weekly challenge. You don’t need to beat any time records in completing it to get the reward. You can take 30 seconds, like the current world record holder, or four hours. Finishing it in any capacity will earn you the reward.

Other than the 10,000 XP, you’ll also earn a sense of pride. Your fastest completion time will go on a leaderboard where you can compete with friends and others around the world. If you can do really well, that’s something you can place on your fridge.

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