How to get beautiful poached eggs ‘every single time’ according to food vloggger

An expert at cooking picture-perfect poached eggs has shown people a reliable way to get the best results “every time”.

Maddy, who runs the blog Cafe Maddy, gave a detailed recipe on her TikTok page and explained you need to sieve your raw egg first to stop the whites from becoming wispy.

She then gently tips the egg into a saucepan of lightly simmering water which has half a teaspoon of white vinegar in it.

Maddy carefully stirs the water around the egg to stop it from sticking to the bottom of the pan but doesn’t make a violent vortex which is what some chefs do.

The cook tells people to wait five minutes and then lift the egg out of the pan and onto your toast or whatever you are eating with your egg.

For an irresistible final shot, Maddy slices into the egg to show the golden yolk spilling out onto the avocado and bread.

In the comments, she advised people to use half a teaspoon of vinegar in three cups of water which will help hold the egg together but leave any “vinegary” flavour behind.

Since she uploaded the video with the caption “how to poach eggs without fail”, it has been watched more than 280,000 times and people were seriously impressed with the technique and promised to try it.

One viewer commented: “Thank you for this! I’ve never succeeded.”

The beautiful final result of the poached egg

A second wrote: “Oh I’m always violently boiling my egg wondering why it just spread out everywhere!”

“I love your method most out of the videos I have seen,” another viewer commented.

Someone else said: “Tried this two times first time I did five minutes, second time I did three minutes and it turned out better the second time.”

This comes after a Michelin-trained chef revealed how to make scrambled eggss the correct way and avoid the most common pitfalls.


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