How to Get on ABC’s Mystery Game Show

When you sit at home and watch trivia shows, do you feel like you could do better than the bozos on TV? Do you also watch televised poker tournaments and just know for a fact that you could pull off a better stoic look than most? And do you also have a borderline unhealthy obsession with the party card game “Mafia”?

Then ABC’s The Hustler is the game for you, and if you’re interested in casting information, we’ve got you covered.

‘The Hustler’ is now casting for Season 2.

Hosted by Craig Ferguson, The Hustler puts an interesting twist on the trivia-show format by also incorporating a detective element. Sounds like a strange amalgamation? Well, that’s because the “detective” element per se helps add a little tension between the five contestants that are selected for each and every episode.

One of the contestants is actually fed all of the answers to the trivia questions and must avoid suspicion from their teammates. If the final two “legit” players can make it to the end of the 10-question crucible without being eliminated by the Hustler, then they split the prize money. If the Hustler is able to outlast everyone, then they get the grand prize and reap all of the rewards themselves.

Source: ABC

Another interesting element is the fact that host Craig Ferguson has no idea who the Hustler is either. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ferguson said: “I’m playing the game along with everyone else. So I am as much a detective as any of the contestants … I always thought I would be pretty good as a detective, but I’m not! I’m terrible at it.”

Even though Ferguson says he’s “terrible” at the game, he does have some tips for folks who are watching the festivities from the comfort of their own homes: “Watch people’s body language and to pay close attention to them … be maybe a little bit cynical, and not too trusting.”

It’s basically really, really good poker advice.



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Want to get on ‘The Hustler’? Here’s how to let the casting department know you’re interested in appearing on the show.

So you want to get on The Hustler? Then all you need to do is click on this link to get started. The first thing showrunners want to get out of the way is your age. Like with most game shows and TV appearances, you have to be 18 years or older to participate. From there you’ve got about 51 different fields to fill out.

The initial stuff is pretty run-of-the-mill: You fill in your first name, your last name, your bday (again) along with a slew of other personal information. But then there are some subjective questions about your personality, your hometown and how it influenced you growing up. There are actually a bunch of questions that try to get to the root of who you are.



Which makes sense, as the game is every bit a trivia contest as it is a battleground of psychological warfare, so the production company definitely wants to know just what they’re getting into before they bring you on.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, then fill out the form and try to get on the show! Are you hoping to be the “Hustler” in the episode, or would you rather work with a team to take down someone who’s trying to fool everyone else?

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